One day Courtesy Car

In case the registerd car is met with an accident and is immobile. AAA Provide eligible members with one day complimentary coutesy car rental voucher from approved rental car providers for a availing a day rental for their basic car.

Courtesy car voucher

AAA provides courtesy car voucher from AAA approved rent a car provider for one day rental charges for basic car provided by that rental provider. It is member's resposiblity to go to the rental car provider and collect the car. 

When can you get it?

If eligible registered member's car is invoved in an accident and is immobile. After getting police report and vehcile is towed by AAA. 

How long will it take to get the voucher

One day coutesy car voucher can be provided within one general working day from the time of towing the members car. In case of unnatural situations or natural calamities, this wont be applicable


It is member's reponsiblity to full fill rental car company's terms and conditions for releasing the car. AAA will be issuing voucher under the name of registered member and once voucher is issued for a day's rental charges AAA's scope of the service is ended. 

Terms and Conditions for Courtesy Car. 

The limitations of the service are not limited to mentioned below:

• The coverage is restricted to territory of Qatar and the service of providing a courtesy car shall be given within Qatar only.
• The courtesy car voucher is provided only in case of an accident and vehicle is immobile, after obtaining of police report and the vehicle is towed by AAA.
• The courtesy car availing is not applicable for periodical repairs, or minor accidents where the car is drivable or incidents that involve not to obtain police reports.
• The courtesy vehicle voucher is provided by AAA for the basic / lowest daily charged car of the approved rental car provider only.
• In case of any upgrades availed by the member, it is between member and rental car provider. AAA do not assume in any charge variation or accepts responsibility any such transactions.
• The courtesy vehicle is to be used for only for one day rental charges of the basic car
• The Member has to receive the Courtesy car at the Rent A Car Company premises.
• The member is responsible for any deposit or guarantees required by the rental car provider as per their terms and conditions. If case of any situation the voucher issued rental provider is not providing the vehicle, AAA assumes no responsibility for mediation or any guarantees.
• The Member should not give the courtesy vehicle for others to use.
• Should the client request for a driver, the driver’s fee shall be paid by the Member.
• The Member shall be responsible for the cost of fuel during the rental.
• The Member shall be responsible for the Traffic Offences committed during the rental.
• The Member is liable for any damage caused to the Courtesy vehicle other than fair wear & tear that is not mentioned on any accident report including tire damage & wheel trims, loss of accessories, internal and external damages such as dents, scratches, etc.
• The courtesy car should be returned at the end of the courtesy period covered by The Member to the Rent A Car Company.
• If the Member uses the courtesy car longer than the voucher period or longer than the maximum number of days set forth in this policy, the costs incurred for the exceeding days will be paid by the beneficiary (member) and shall be directly collected from him/her by the rent-a-car company.
• The Courtesy car must be returned as soon as the repair works are completed than the voucher period, even within a period shorter than estimated.
• The Member may deliver the courtesy car back to the office of the rent-a-car company and deal with the rental car company directly for returning of the car.
• At the moment of the rental, a credit card or cash could be asked as a deposit for the rental period.
• The Member shall make available the necessary security deposit in cash or via a Credit Card or as prescribed by the Rent A Car Company providing the Courtesy Car for covering the expenses not guaranteed in the period of time that the Courtesy Car is in possession of the Member such as:
 Traffic fines;
 Possible damages and losses to the car;
 Losses arising from faulty acts in the usage of the car;
 Additional days not covered.
• Any other requirement as per the practice of the Rent A Car Company and any special restrictive conditions applying on the Member (such as a higher deposit applied for a customer under the age of 25 years) too should be agreed by the Member. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure that any such deposit or guarantee is returned / cancelled after the lapse of the requisite time period following the date the Courtesy Car is returned to the Rent A Car Company after adjustment of agreed dues.


1) Any and all damage to the Insured Vehicle not covered by the any of the covers in this policy is excluded. If, after providing a courtesy car, it is understood by the report of Garage / Police / Any Authorities that the damage is not covered by any of the covers in this policy, the cost of renting the courtesy car shall be collected from the Insured.
2) Aesthetic repairs and periodic maintenances which are not associated with the concerned accident are excluded.
3) Immobilization of the car due to any reason other than an accident is excluded.
4) Motorway, bridge tolls, traffic fines and gasoline charges are excluded, and such charges are to be paid by the Insured.
5) General exclusions set forth within the main Road Assistance policy shall apply also for the courtesy car cover.
6) No rented car shall be provided in case of radio-tape damages.
7) A courtesy car shall not be provided when the damages on the car do not reduce the insured car from being safely driven in traffic despite the damage. (Such as scratches, dents on the body, hatch and bumper, and damages to seats, upholstery etc.).
8) In rendering the service of providing the courtesy vehicle, AAA or Any Service Provider appointed by AAA shall not be liable or responsible for the payment of all the following:
 In case of damage cost of repairs of the courtesy vehicle.
 Cost of a second courtesy vehicle to replace the initial courtesy vehicle due to an accident, breakdown or theft.
 Cost of pick up and or delivery of the courtesy vehicle.
 Any and all damages caused to the courtesy vehicle.

AAA will not be liable to provide any assistance which arises directly or indirectly from, and/or during:

1) Fraudulent acts by any beneficiary or any other person seeking to claim under this policy.
Consequential loss of any kind.
2) Extraordinary phenomena such as floods earthquakes volcanic eruptions unusual cyclonic storms falling astral bodies or meteorites except sand and hail storm.
3) Terrorism mutinies or riots or wars (of every kind of description).
4) Actions by the armed forces or security forces or organizations.
5) Nuclear radioactivity.
6) The driver of the vehicle:
 Being under the influence of drugs toxic or narcotic substances or where his/her blood- alcohol level exceeds that permitted by the laws in the country where the vehicle is being used.
 Not having a driving license corresponding to the class of the vehicle.
 The contravention of regulations relating to the carriage of persons animals or objects in the vehicle which were in whole or part a cause of the accident or event giving rise to the claim.
7) Fuel mineral essences or other flammable explosive or toxic materials transported in the vehicle.
 The participation by any beneficiary
 Competitions rallies or trials.
 Sports.
 Criminal conduct.
 Wagers or challenges.
 The deliberate act of the Beneficiary. 


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