AAA Standard Terms & Conditions

1. The AAA membership is valid only for non commercial motor vehicles,
2. AAA roadside assistance services are unlimited for Silver card & Premium members. However Members who suffer an unnatural number of breakdowns are liable to have their membership cancelled.
3. None of the AAA Services will be provide more than once within 24 hours.
4. Only one towing per disablement, Inter-city towing will be free for Silver Card Members, and free for Premium Card Members in the home country (Qatar)
5. All towing services will be provided to the nearest garage or to the garage of members choice within the city limits
6. AAA membership covers the registered vehicle only. Irrespective of the driver, services will be provided to that vehicle only. No free service is provided if the member drives a vehicle other than the registered one.
7. The AAA membership, except the free & complimentary in nature coming with vehicle or from insurance company of that vehicle, is transferable to another vehicle. Any changes in the details of the registered vehicle must be notified in writing.
8. Any change in the registered vehicle must be notified in writing to AAA either by fax or email 48 hours before availing the service.
9. In case of a transfer of membership or the loss of membership card, the member will have to pay QR 50/- for issuing a duplicate card and or/ transfer charges.
10. AAA is responsible for members vehicle during the time it is in their custody and covers only human errors or damages caused by AAA’s equipment or accidents. AAA is not responsible for any of the mechanical or electrical or system or engine or natural faults of the vehicle even under AAA’s custody.
11. Members are required at all times to display the provided AAA sticker, if provided by the program, on inside of the rear windscreen.
12. The service can be rejected in case members are not able to provide the membership number or relevant validation points. The membership card or validation options should be shown to the authorized service personal on request.
13. AAA has the right to reject services if it come to their knowledge that a registered vehicle had a breakdown before activating of the membership. In no case will the membership fee be reimbursed.
14. AAA free Roadside Assistance Services are applicable only on road & near by accessible areas.
15. The premium / ease of life services are to be booked with AAA’s call center minimum 48 hours prior to requirement of the service.
16. The premium / ease of life services are provided only for single attempt of the service as complimentary service. AAA is not liable to attempt the service as complimentary again incase in non-completion due to failure in mandatory tests or non-acceptance by the service centers, non-acceptance between customer and the Insurance Companies or any situations not in AAA’s scope or responsibility.
17. Member is responsible for payment any of the payment obligations of service center / inspection agency / traffic department / parking fees or any other parties involved in completion of the service
18. Member should provide all original documents required for registration renewal services,
19. AAA will collet the vehicle, key, required documents for ease of life services from member at a single location as mutually agreed. Vehicle must be in proper working condition and contain sufficient fuel
20. Any clause or part thereof of this terms & conditions can be changed/modified/deleted/added at the sole of discretions of AAA management.
21. For detailed terms and conditions for courtesy car service please check the courtesy car page. 
22. AAA do not assume any libalities or claims related to the perfomance of the reminder services provided as part of Auto PA services. The service is provided as a comlimentary service without any liablities.
22. GCC Roadside Assistance covers the registered vehicle if faced emergency roadside assistance requirement at State of Qatar, State of Kuwait & Sultanate of Oman. 
23. The Coverage area for free Roadside Assistance Services:  State of Qatar

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